20 Sep 2015

Episode 4: Shattered Pixel Dungeon (feat. KawaiiDragoness and Evan Debenham)

The fourth episode of Shattered Pixel Dungeon is here! I think I've spent enough space on the website explaining hiatuses and absences and everything else, so let's just get right to the episode!

For those of you wondering when there will be new content from us, I'm hoping we will have some new episodes online in about a month! At which point we will be posting much more regularly for the rest of this year. As for episode four, you can find it on Soundcloud, embedded in this post, on iTunes, or any other podcast service that uses iTunes' database!

19 Sep 2015

Interview with Olegy Dolya, and News Regarding our Hiatus

Hello everyone! We are finally posting our interview with Oleg Dolya, which you can read right here in this post after the jump break. First, though, I would like to give you guys a quick update about what has been going on with us. Due to personal circumstances, Barry had to move out of his apartment and spent the majority of his summer living with family. This unfortunately has made it difficult for him to plan time for recording and organizing LikeLikeLite related things. We really apologize for this, and are happy to report that he is moving in to a new apartment this weekend, and it should be at most a month before new episodes are headed your way!

In the meantime, stay tuned for our fourth episode where we discuss Shattered Pixel Dungeon! In addition, our interview with Oleg Dolya is now ready to be posted. View the full blog post to read the interview.

18 Jul 2015

Episode 3: Pixel Dungeon (feat. KawaiiDragoness and Evan Debenham)

After a long break, we are finally bringing you episode three and four of LikeLikeLite! Sorry for the long break, and I'm afraid to say that the break will be continuing for a bit after these two episodes. I will be uploading a short audio clip to the podcast feed to explain the hiatus, but for now I just want to get these two episodes released! The episode and more are after the jump!

8 May 2015

Episode 2: Ananias (feat. Santiago Zapata) and More Updates!

Episode 2 of LikeLikeLite is finally here! We had a few setbacks while working on this episode, so I apologize for the long wait! In this episode we discuss Ananias with the game's creator, Santiago Zapata. Also featured in this episode are Santiago's grandmother's pet birds, who were very vocal in the background and we tried to edit them out as best we could.

We are also now finally up on iTunes, so as long as you have our RSS feeds followed on your favourite podcast app it should automatically update with the new episode! I am also trying to get us added to some Android podcast app's databses, though most of those do also have the option to search the iTunes database. If you want to listen to the episode in your browser, you can do so at the end of this post, or head on over to SoundCloud and listen there!

Updates and episode links after the break!

10 Apr 2015

Update: New RSS Feed, iTunes, SoundCloud, and more!

Hello everyone! After a lot of troubleshooting, we are finally on our way to getting our podcast onto iTunes. Unfortunately it will still be a little while, but hopefully it will be up there soon. Due to some problems, we may have to delete our original RSS Feed and upload a new one to iTunes. We have now been approved for SoundCloud's podcast service, which makes it a lot easier for us, but unfortunately changing RSS feeds is not particularly easy it seems.

We will also now be using a SoundCloud embedded player here on the website for posting our episodes, as it is a much easier process for us. To sample this out, I am reposting the first episode and bonus clip right here! Check it out after the jump!

16 Mar 2015

LikeLikeLite.com has a Website!

Hello everyone! We finally have a website up and running for LikeLikeLite! There isn't too much to see yet. Our first episode has been recorded and currently is in editing. Our panel was discussing Cardinal Quest 2, and the game's creator Ruari O'Sullivan joined us for the episode. That will be available right here at likelikelite.com, and on iTunes this weekend!

In the meantime feel free to check out info on our panelists, read more about our podcast, and check out the contribute page to learn how you can get your opinion about the games we are discussing onto the show!