8 May 2015

Episode 2: Ananias (feat. Santiago Zapata) and More Updates!

Episode 2 of LikeLikeLite is finally here! We had a few setbacks while working on this episode, so I apologize for the long wait! In this episode we discuss Ananias with the game's creator, Santiago Zapata. Also featured in this episode are Santiago's grandmother's pet birds, who were very vocal in the background and we tried to edit them out as best we could.

We are also now finally up on iTunes, so as long as you have our RSS feeds followed on your favourite podcast app it should automatically update with the new episode! I am also trying to get us added to some Android podcast app's databses, though most of those do also have the option to search the iTunes database. If you want to listen to the episode in your browser, you can do so at the end of this post, or head on over to SoundCloud and listen there!

Updates and episode links after the break!