8 May 2015

Episode 2: Ananias (feat. Santiago Zapata) and More Updates!

Episode 2 of LikeLikeLite is finally here! We had a few setbacks while working on this episode, so I apologize for the long wait! In this episode we discuss Ananias with the game's creator, Santiago Zapata. Also featured in this episode are Santiago's grandmother's pet birds, who were very vocal in the background and we tried to edit them out as best we could.

We are also now finally up on iTunes, so as long as you have our RSS feeds followed on your favourite podcast app it should automatically update with the new episode! I am also trying to get us added to some Android podcast app's databses, though most of those do also have the option to search the iTunes database. If you want to listen to the episode in your browser, you can do so at the end of this post, or head on over to SoundCloud and listen there!

Updates and episode links after the break!
Now for updates! We have a very special couple of weeks coming up. For starters, for our next two episodes we are doing a Pixel Dungeon special: first in episode three we will be discussing Pixel Dungeon, and then in episode four we will be discussing Shattered Pixel Dungeon, a very popular mod of the original game. For both episodes we will be joined by Katrina TeaƱo, also known as Kawaii Dragoness on YouTube, and Evan Debenham, the creator of Shattered Pixel Dungeon. We also will be conducting a separate interview with Pixel Dungeon's creator, Oleg Dolya, which will be available to read right here on our website!

Also, for any of you in Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area, some panelists from LikeLikeLite are also going to be attending Enthusiast Gaming Live, a gaming convention happening in Mississauga! We will be taking pictures while we are there, so if you see us hanging out feel free to come say hello!

After that we will be discussing SanctuaryRPG and Tales of Maj'Eyal, before taking a bit of a break for the last three weeks of June. We will then be back again in July, and for the summer will be focusing on roguelike platformers Rogue Legacy, Vagante, Catacomb Kids, and Spelunky.

Without further ado, here is it! Episode 2 of LikeLikeLite!

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