18 Jul 2015

Episode 3: Pixel Dungeon (feat. KawaiiDragoness and Evan Debenham)

After a long break, we are finally bringing you episode three and four of LikeLikeLite! Sorry for the long break, and I'm afraid to say that the break will be continuing for a bit after these two episodes. I will be uploading a short audio clip to the podcast feed to explain the hiatus, but for now I just want to get these two episodes released! The episode and more are after the jump!
You can listen to the episode right here in your browser using the embedded SoundCloud player below, or directly on SoundCloud. It should also be available on iTunes soon, meaning you will be able to find it through any podcast player that uses iTunes' podcast database. Finally, there will be a direct download link to the MP3 over on our Archives page shortly after the episode is available on iTunes.

This episode is part of our three part Pixel Dungeon special! First we discuss Pixel Dungeon, and next weekend you will be able to hear our discussion of Evan Debenham's Pixel Dungeon mod: Shattered Pixel Dungeon. We also will be interviewing the creator of Pixel Dungeon, Oleg Dolya, and posting it here on the website for you to read, so stay tuned for that!

We had some technical difficulties in this episode, which made editing a bit difficult, but it was still a lot of fun. We also really enjoyed discussing with our two special guests, who will now be regular panelists on the show for future episodes!

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us, and be sure to check in next weekend for episode four, Shattered Pixel Dungeon! Your patience has been greatly appreciated, and we promise to keep bringing you content as soon as possible.

1 comment:

  1. Good episode. I'm always interested to hear a mixture of views.

    There's a tendency in hobbies to be dismissive of non-experts - I've seen this just recently with Caves of Qud's early access release. Many fans and at least one of the devs dismissed negative feedback with approximately "These people have clearly never played a roguelike! Their opinions are therefore worthless!" Personally I hold that the views of newcomers are vital. Everyone played their first roguelike once, and in a time when the genre is increasingly becoming commercially viable, accessibility to those who don't know roguelikes is hugely important.

    That's one of the things LikeLikeLite brings to the table, I think. The panelists have a range of levels of familiarity with the genre, which prevents discussion adhering too closely to one perspective, and also means you don't have to be an expert to listen to it.

    My main piece of constructive criticism would be to watch your audio levels. I had to constantly adjust my volume all the way through this episode thanks to Barry being far, far quieter than everyone else. Every couple of minutes there was a shift to either an inaudible whisper or an ear-splitting bellow, depending on what the volume was set to. It's a problem.

    The solution depends on how you record. For Roguelike Radio, Darren records everyone's audio himself, so they spend a couple of minutes beforehand adjusting everyone's mic settings so they're all around the same volume. Alternatively, if you have a load of separate audio tracks, it's easy enough to tweak the level in post-production. It's very much worth doing, considering how aggravating it is to keep changing volume while listening.