LikeLikeLite is a project created by a large team of dedicated people. The following is a full list of everyone involved and their roles in the project. For more information on our panelists, check out our Panelist Profiles section. For more information on the other people involved in making LikeLikeLite, you can find links below.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in LikeLikeLite, has contributed, and for all of those listening to each episode and providing feedback! With your help we can continue to improve the show!

Created and Hosted by

Barry Moore


Ryan Curran

Art and Graphic Design

Andy Cassan

Featured Panelists

Andy Cassan
Evan Debenham
Jaya Naraine
Katrina "Kawa" TeaƱo
Laura Cullell
Ryan Curran

Special Guests

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